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Private Round Table Event with Bob Ferguson, Head of Project Innovate

The FinTech Growth Syndicate is pleased to be facilitating an invitation-only event to meet Bob Ferguson, Head of Project Innovate, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK, and Henry Long and Gilda Carbone from the UK Department of International Trade.

There is much discussion in Canada about the leadership role the UK is playing in global FinTech landscape, and of the FCA’s launch of Project Innovate and the resulting Innovation Hub and Regulatory Sandbox. Bob Ferguson will be on hand at this event, to share his perspectives and answer questions from a select group of invited senior Financial Services and FinTech leaders in Canada.

Some areas of discussion will be:

  *   Key learnings, successes, and failures, as you have navigated public and private stakeholders over the past 2 years?

  *   Approaches the FCA uses to balance the need for competition, consumer choice and financial sector stability with the Innovation Hub and Regulatory Sandbox?

  *   Ways Canada and the FCA might work together to benefit both regions when it comes to innovating with emerging FinTechs?

  *   Insight and advice for financial services, network and association executives regarding the most important areas of strategic focus in regards to innovation?