Navigate the Ecosystem


FinTech has exploded in the last year. There is a huge ecosystem of players to help you innovate. Researching and keeping track of all the activity is more than a full-time job. You need help and you need to reduce your costs and the time spent on navigating.

What You Need:

An easy way to understand whats happening that matters to you – what your clients are doing, your competitors or what is about to disrupt you. How can you know how to respond to disruption if you don't know what is disrupting you?

  • Which start-ups matter?
  • Relationships with key stakeholders
  • A strategy to participate in the ecosystem
Candian FinTech Ecoystem

Candian FinTech Ecoystem

What You Get:

Executive briefings to keep your team informed, detailed map of the ecosystem, and a diagnostic of where you need to engage. And knowledge of most of the players and introductions.

  • Accelerators, Incubators, & Entrepreneurial Networks
  • University & College innovation Programs
  • Start-ups and emerging companies
  • FinTech Incumbents
  • Financial Institutions
  • Governance bodies
  • Think tanks, Influencers & Consultancies