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A future with Open Banking.

We talked to customers to understand what they would want out of their banks, should safe data sharing exist. We came up with a concept that allows users to integrate all of their financial data under one platform and move accounts through API channels. 

How did we build it?

User Research

Customer Feedback

Market Gap Analysis

Product Strategy



91% of Canadians across the country believe new technologies have made banking more convenient. What services can come to market when customers have even more flexibility?

Statistic provided by Canadian Bankers Association

A new way to bank.
It is coming.

There is a global movement for safe sharing of data known as Open Banking. It would allow consumers to quickly unbundle financial services and move their services at any time. In recent years, Open Banking became a larger part of the conversation in Canada amongst all players of the ecosystem.

The financial world is changing at a fast pace and so are customer expectations. Initiatives like Open Banking are enabling FinTechs and Tech Giants enter the space like never before. Now is the time to build products customers want and take action to innovate.

We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers.

By using different techniques such as building personas, conducting in depth user interviews, and surveying a wide variety of users we understand what your customers want and need. We ideate and build the best user experience possible for your customers.​

Sample Ux primary research:

Retail Worker, New Grad
“I need help getting a handle on my finances and making decisions. I’d be willing to share my financial information if I knew I would get custom advice.”

Through our research we found that 63% agree, "I’ve thought about changing banks but chose not to because I think switching will be difficult.”



Through the research done it’s clear that customers are frustrated with traditional financial institutions (FIs) offerings and the market is ripe for new entrants to make an impact with innovative offerings and high tech backing. The status quo is shifting and FIs need to turn the changes to their advantage.

We explored creating an application that allowed users to have multiple FIs under one app. This results in reducing the friction of trying to manage finances, passwords, as well as security. 

The opportunity.

We focus on testing concepts and putting them in the hands of the customer so that we can continuously test and validate the concept, business model, and aligning it with your company goals.

To the right you can try a clickable Open Banking concept we created >