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Featuring FinTech Building & Investor: Karl Sigerist

What makes you a FinTech expert? 

In the early 80’s I was asked by a major Canadian bank to explore  them utilize facsimile machines (an industry first)  to speed up the distribution of credit applications to a new centralized credit adjudication and underwriting team …. In the early 90’s part of the team at Newcourt that created, pioneered and implemented the first (pre internet) online instant credit, lending and leasing fintech platform that drove consumer credit growth growth from $5 million to $384 million in 4 years. Led 37-team members providing credit, leasing and insurance solutions through 5,500+ independent retailers. Developed 20+ Canadian and global strategic alliances and joint ventures across multiple industry….Over the past decade Led Crelogix where our team implemented point-of-sale automated consumer credit algorithms, electronic identity verification, proof of income, proof of employment, signature and digital contracting of credit, insurance and product protection services that processed over $3B in transactions for more than 300K consumers across super-prime, prime, non-prime and sub-prime credit profiles.  Our team executed a comprehensive one-to-many geographic, industry and omni-channel marketing strategy that allowed the platform to scale to become Canada’s leading financial technology enabled provider of point-of-sale instalment credit financing through more than 8,000 business partners within the Vacation Ownership, Tuition, Healthcare, Membership, Motorsports, Marine, Recreational Vehicle, Home Improvement and Consumer Durable industries. We conceived, developed and launched an Omni-channel financial technology enabled lending solution at retail, through a diverse group of merchants, wholesalers, manufactures, franchisers and industry associations their websites and via mobile applications.


What is the current trend in your area of expertise that people should pay attention to? 

Nelson Lin and his team might be on to something….


Why do you love FinTech? 

Fintech attempts to align innovation with utility, price and cost positions allowing early adopters to drive differentiation and lower costs achievement simultaneously.


Why did you join the FinTech Growth Syndicate’s Industry Best Team? 

Sue asked me to….to share my 30+ years of demonstrated track record creating compelling strategic visions and missions, fostering cultures that attract, retain and develop amazing team members who have achieved rapid transformational growth and outsized risk adjusted returns on invested capital at financial, FinTech, SaaS and information technology organizations across North America and Europe.