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Celero is excited to announce a partnership with FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS), Canada’s premier FinTech engagement firm, to bring thought leadership and guidance to Celero’s fintech strategy for Canadian credit unions.

Banks and credit unions are partnering with fintechs from around the globe to offer innovative customer experiences and remain competitive. Identifying and selecting the right partners is a crucial component of success for financial institutions looking to execute on their innovation mandates.

FGS began in 2016 with a vision to provide flexibility and support to both incumbents and startups by offering strategies and services to accelerate innovation and bolster the fintech ecosystem in Canada. FGS currently has a database that tracks every fintech in Canada from when it is just an idea. This fintech ecosystem will be used to help identify potential fintechs Celero clients can work with to deliver an innovative member experience.
Partnering with FGS brings their unparalleled knowledge, expertise and deep connections with the fintech community to the work Celero does to identify and validate the best fintech partners and solutions to help credit unions on their digital journey.

”FGS brings a wealth of information and insights about the fintech ecosystem in Canada to help Celero and credit unions make informed decisions about their business,” said Rojin Nair, general manager, Fintech Solutions for Celero. “We look forward to working with the FGS team to bring forward their acumen and experience to our clients and the Canadian credit union system.”

FGS Founder and CEO, Sue Britton, acts as an advisor to the Federal Ministry of Global Affairs, the MARS Innovation District, the Business Development Bank of Canada, and other venture capital firms.
“Celero is one of the top 100 FinTech companies in the world according to the 2018 IDC FinTech Rankings, and is hyper-committed to ensuring their clients have innovative solutions available to them,” said Sue Britton, CEO, FGS. “Incumbent fintechs have to make significant effort and investment to remain relevant to banks and credit unions and transform their products, and I see Celero as a leader in this regard. Open banking and fintech collaboration and partnerships are examples of innovation they are bringing to the table, and FGS is excited to support their initiatives.”

Celero is currently working with FGS to validate Celero’s fintech selection rubric, a tool used to evaluate and select potential fintech partners based on a variety of criteria to provide credit unions with a robust fintech evaluation and due diligence process. Celero can also engage FGS experts to assist credit unions with answering questions about fintechs or seeking broader market insights.

Watch an interview with Sue Britton at the 2018 Celero Fintech Conference last month on how credit unions can build a stronger, more collaborative ecosystem that ultimately benefits their members, the credit union, and the industry.

Stay tuned for further information about Celero’s fintech selection rubric and our partnership with FGS.

About FGS
FinTech Growth Syndicate is an accelerator that designs, implements and accelerates corporate innovation within established companies, and drives market expansion of new entrants and strategy of technology incumbents facing disruption. We are Canada’s Premier FinTech Advisory Firm. FGS brings the synergies between FinTech and Incumbents together, and is passionate about partnering and building a strong community.

About Celero 
Celero is a leading provider of Information Technology solutions to credit unions and other financial institutions across Canada. Included in the 2018 IDC Top 100 FinTech Rankings, Celero provides complete banking solutions, IT planning, systems integration, hosting, support, and consulting services as well as business analytics solutions and expertise. Celero meets the unique needs of financial institutions and delivers world-class reliability and security through its Canadian-based data centres, employees, and operations. For more information, visit