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Featuring Communications Expert: Jacqui D’eon

What makes you an Communications Expert?

There aren’t very many communications professionals who have engineering degrees. My problem-solving skills allow me to get to the core of issues and identify the most strategic solutions quickly. I have “Spock-like” logic and the ability to grasp the subtle and broader implications of a situation through listening and probing. Unlike Spock however, I have a keen sense of humour and distinctive laugh that can ease the tension in any situation. I have been a member of the C-suite myself, so I understand the pressures involved.

Before starting JAd’E Communications, I was the Chief Communications Officer for Deloitte Canada for 10 years and enjoyed a varied 20-year career with P&G. I am a registered professional engineer, accredited with the International Association of Business Communicators and was honoured with the lifetime achievement designation, Master Communicator.


What is the current trend in your area of expertise that people should pay attention to?

To succeed in business, you need to connect with your stakeholders and engage them in dialogue that helps achieve the business objectives. Those objectives may go from having employees understand the goals to answering the criticisms of detractors.

I help businesses find ways to achieve their business objectives by reaching the right people at the right time using the right media.  


Why do you love FinTech?

I am a self-proclaimed geek and I love the financial industry.  It’s a natural fit!


Why are you excited to participate in the panel?

Being around people who are experts in their fields and love what they do is stimulating.  I am curious by nature, so surrounding myself with people who come from a variety of backgrounds with diverse skills enables me to learn and grow.