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What makes you a Sales & Marketing Leader?

I am still learning but have a few years of experience working in a variety of sales environments, building and leading teams and businesses. I have great passion for helping create strong narratives to take to the market and to drive demand via powerful marketing and sales efforts. Someone once said that nothing happens until somebody sells something and I think it’s something to pay attention to in time of rapid change. It is still true that even for new solutions that improve peoples and businesses lives, you need effective B2B and B2C sales and marketing to have success. New applications and approaches will not achieve mass success and scale with a “build it and they will come” approach. Thoughtful execution of informed sales and marketing is a key component of success in 2018, just as it has always been. 


What is the current trend in your area of expertise that people should pay attention to?

We are rightfully excited about developing great new technology that enables consumer and businesses to do more in the financial area. In parallel there are some basics that need to be accomplished to achieve scale. Sales and Marketing are part of the foundation of every successful business and are increasingly linked in the application strategy and tools that are available. 

Powerful advances in MarTech and AdTech are creating new avenues for start-ups to compete and forcing change for incumbents in how they go to market. There are fundamentals of sales that are still critical to execute and new ways of thinking about approaches including Account Based Sales and Marketing that are key to understand. 


Why do you love FinTech?

Canada’s FinTech companies are creating world class new products and ideas. There is incredible energy and passion coming from established Financial Institutions right through to the start-up community. I feel fortunate to be part of an exciting arena that is bringing innovation and disruption to the financial services industry. I have always enjoyed being part of market change and am thrilled to share ideas and to help businesses achieve growth and success. 


Why did you join the FinTech Growth Syndicate’s Industry Best Team?

I believe Sue Britton saw an opportunity to help Canada’s FinTech community work together more cohesively and has been a real champion of sharing and connecting ideas and people. In that way FGS and I are very aligned as I believe in the power of bringing solutions and leaders together to achieve great things. I look forward to adding value to the FGS Industry Best Team as much as possible by leveraging my network and bringing FinTech businesses together.