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Featuring Digital Banking & Payments Expert: Scott Lapstra

What makes you a Digital Banking & Payments Expert?

I have been working in payments technology and digital banking now for about 15 years and have a range of experiences building, trialing & implementing digital financial services. I really enjoy the challenge of working through complex banking problems and solving them with technology.

Prior to building and launching Tangerine’s credit card business in 2015, I spent about seven years with MasterCard Canada where we commercialized the first generations of contactless, wallets and mobile payments technology…long before Apple & Google Pay came to market!


What is the current trend in your area of expertise that people should pay attention to?

I think the emergence of open-banking applications and the emergence of Banking as a Service will change financial services as we currently know it. While we don’t yet have an open-standard like PSD2 in Canada, it is coming.

If you spend enough time in the FinTech space, you will recognize that a lot of these companies are creating Banking as a Service inspired applications, putting the consumer front-and-centre in the experience with transactions increasingly in the background and not necessarily with a single bank, all without open-banking standards.


Why do you love FinTech?

Working within Canadian FinTech is exciting, apply new technology and design methods to solve real problems and improve customer experience through technology. What’s not to love about that!


Why are you excited to participate in the panel?

I am excited to participate on the panel and to be challenged to find new ways to problem solve and advocate for businesses that improve payments and banking for Canadians. Sue and the team have assembled quite a leadership roster and I am proud to stand along side these industry experts and contributing to building Canada’s leadership role in FinTech!