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FGS Report on corporate innovation in the Canadian financial industry​.

Find answers to your innovation challenges.​

Today, the FinTech space is transforming the Canadian financial industry, with over 1,200 FinTech startups, New Entrants launching digital products and Tech Giants such as Amazon offering customer-centric solutions. In this dynamic environment, innovation has become synonymous with survival, and incumbents are launching innovative products to compete. The ability to understand your challenges to innovation is an essential part of identifying opportunities for your organization to accelerate the innovation process.

What is in the report?

The Current State of Innovation in the Canadian Financial Industry

In this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of the current state of innovation in the Canadian financial industry. We will break down our findings to provide you with insights into how many organizations feel that they are disruptive, at pace with their industry, or feel like they are playing catch up. Learn where your organization stands.

Digital Product Innovation Maturity Model

With new technology, New Entrants and the threat of Tech Giants, it is more important than ever for companies to prioritize innovation. Use our Digital Product Innovation Maturity Model Tool to provide your team with a quick summary of your organization’s innovation maturity. Leverage our industry research and insights, to gain a deeper understanding of your innovation challenges and how to pivot your innovation strategy moving forward.

What are the major barriers to innovation?

We will help your team understand what the major barriers to innovation are, and how they could be impacting your organization. Use our report to identify what your barriers to innovation are, solutions to accelerate your innovation process and strategies to improve your innovation teams. 

Blue cover of the FGS report titled "2019 Corporate Innovation Report"