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FGS Snapshot to the Canadian PayTech ecosystem.

How can the Canadian PayTech Ecosystem benefit you?

The way Canadians are choosing to pay is changing. Increasingly, your customers are expecting fast, integrated, convenient and safe ways to pay for what they want. The ability for an organization to offer a frictionless experience to its customers is becoming more of a differentiator. Today, the Canadian PayTech ecosystem is changing; offering new solutions, New Entrants such as startups, Tech Giants and non-financial companies, as well as new opportunities. Understanding how your organization can leverage the Canadian PayTech Ecosystem, can help your team build the products your customers want tomorrow.

What is in the report?

What is PayTech?

Since 2008, more than 350 new companies have entered the PayTech market in Canada. This report will define and analyze the PayTech sector, and how it has disrupted industries across Canada. Understand the technology driving the disruptive change in your industry. 

Breaking down the ecosystem 

In this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Canadian PayTech Ecosystem. We will break down the ecosystem to provide you with insights into who your unknown competition is and what they’re offering your customers. Learn how PayTech is transforming your industry. 

Identifying the opportunity 

We will help you understand the PayTech ecosystem, in order to help you understand your opportunities. Identify potential innovation partners who are a good fit with your organization’s innovation culture, mandate, and risk tolerance. Partner with PayTech startups, incumbents or other stakeholders, who can accelerate your organization’s innovation process and deliver customer-centric products. 

Tools for innovation 

Your market is changing. If you are an organization in Canada, it is more important than ever to innovate and build products to tackle your customer’s pain points. Use our report to learn how to leverage our industry research and insights on the Canadian PayTech ecosystem to fuel your innovation strategy. Identify potential innovation partners and transform your business