The Future of Financial Services is Female

We have all heard the phrase ‘the future is female’, and for financial services, we at FGS couldn’t agree more! We are all at different stages in our career from coordinators to senior executives, but the one thing that has brought us together is our love for finance and FinTech! In honour of International Women’s Day, we reached out to our team and our partners in the ecosystem to ask: what does it mean to be a woman in financial services and to share any advice that they might have for future generations entering the field. Read on to hear the stories of some incredible women and men in financial services, and join us in celebrating women who are driving change forward.

Financial Institution Corporate Innovation

Corporate Innovation Report

Helping you find answers to your Innovation challenges FGS Report on corporate innovation in the Canadian financial industry Find answers to your innovation challenges. Today, the FinTech space is transforming the Canadian financial industry, with over 1,300 FinTech startups, new entrants launching digital products and Tech Giants such as Amazon offering customer-centric solutions. In this […]

We won the FinTech Advisory Firm of the Year Award!

FGS We won the FinTech Advisory Firm of the Year Award_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Since 2016, we have helped transform companies looking to innovate within financial services and analyze specific FinTech markets to find new opportunities, leveraging our FinTech database. We are honoured to win the Advisory Firm of the Year at the 5th annual 2019 Canadian FinTech & AI Awards, and our Founder & CEO, Sue Britton, winning the Women in IT Entrepreneur of the Year Award. FGS was founded to provide organizations with the tools, partnerships, and resources to make informed, innovative decisions. We know the Canadian Ecosystem is moving quickly with new entrants, technology, and opportunities, which is why we specialize in helping companies move fast and working through changes.

Why Tech Companies are choosing to move to Toronto

FGS Toronto Silicon Valley Blog_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Silicon Valley is known as the innovation hub of the world; producing some of the most innovative tech companies. Recently, Toronto has a growing reputation as the world’s leading tech hub; embracing diversity and a destination for startups. The Canadian government’s initiatives for creating partnerships, supporting entrepreneurs, as well as their friendly immigration policies, has attracted talent from around the world. But what has set Toronto apart from the rest of the world as the next Silicon Valley?

Life After Disruption: An Opportunity for Member-Centric Solutions

FGS Credit Union Blog_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Are you a Credit Union in Canada? Your market is changing. Your members want solutions to their everyday problems: FX fees, ways to track spending, or the ability to lock their credit card without having to call their bank. As the market continues to be disrupted, the ability to understand the pain points of your members will increasingly become a differentiator. As new entrants begin to offer solutions, building member-centric solutions will soon separate the innovators from the problem solvers.

Myth: Innovation is Expensive

FGS Myth: Innovation is Expensive_FinTech Growth Syndicate

To innovate or not to innovate. This is a pressing question for many companies in today’s exponentially changing digital consumer-centric world. As consumer’s needs and expectations continue to evolve, companies need to innovate in order to survive. If successful, innovation can transform a company and push it forward as a leader within its industry; creating […]