Life After Disruption: An Opportunity for Member-Centric Solutions

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Are you a Credit Union in Canada? Your market is changing. Your members want solutions to their everyday problems: FX fees, ways to track spending, or the ability to lock their credit card without having to call their bank. As the market continues to be disrupted, the ability to understand the pain points of your members will increasingly become a differentiator. As new entrants begin to offer solutions, building member-centric solutions will soon separate the innovators from the problem solvers.

What a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) should know about FinTechs

As consumer needs and expectations continue to evolve, innovation has become synonymous with survival. The ability to deliver products and services that customers want, and in the way they want, whether it be through convenience or speed, has created the opportunity for companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Google, to become competitors beyond their native […]

Canada’s challenger banks: Fueling incumbent innovation

With Open Banking coming to Canada, there has been an increasing shift towards openness; where consumers and not traditional institutions, are in control of their data. Challenger Banks, which are designed to compete for consumers with traditional financial institutions, have benefited significantly from consumers having greater choice when it comes to their financial products and […]

FGS launches FinTech Market Intelligence Platform Maple

For over three years, FinTech Growth Syndicate (“FGS”) has been helping innovators create, test and validate new products in the market. We have helped large international corporations, visionary startups, trade associations, regulators and governments piece together the puzzle of the FinTech ecosystem. In each of our engagements, we focus on researching and solving for the […]

Creativity is innovation’s response to limitations.

The design industry is surrounded by creativity. Sometimes people think of creativity as to how fast you can come up with a good design, big brands you have worked with/for, but rather creativity should be looked at on all levels and positions throughout an organization. Creativity stems from all industries, services, and people within companies.  […]

Myth: Innovation is Expensive

To innovate or not to innovate. This is a pressing question for many companies in today’s exponentially changing digital consumer-centric world. As consumer’s needs and expectations continue to evolve, companies need to innovate in order to survive. If successful, innovation can transform a company and push it forward as a leader within its industry; creating […]