Helping you find opportunities for member-centric solutions.

FGS Snapshot into Credit Union Disruption.

How does building member-centric solutions benefit you?

As the market continues to be disrupted, the ability to understand the experience and pain points of your members will increasingly become a differentiator. Today, the solutions provided by legacy companies are failing to solve member problems. As new entrants begin to offer solutions to your members' problems, the ability to understand how to create member-centric solutions will help to turn disruption into an opportunity for your organization.

What is in the guide?

A Snapshot of Disruption: Challenger Banks vs. Traditional Credit Unions

In this guide, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your market is being disrupted by new entrants such as Tech Giants, Startups, and other Incumbents. Find out what your members’ pain points are, who is offering solutions to solve them, and where the opportunity lies to be an industry leader.

How member-centric solutions differ from what’s being offered today 

You will learn the difference between member-centric solutions and the solutions being offered in the market today. Find out how understanding your members and their pain points can fuel the creation of innovative products with new business models, services, and experiences for your members.

Common features

The ability to understand how to turn members’ pain points into an innovative solution can help to transform a wide variety of functions offered by Credit Unions. We provide details on some of the features you might see in a successful member-centric solution, as well as case studies on how new entrants have solved your members’ problems.

Building a business case 

Your market is changing. If you are a Credit Union in Canada, it is more important than ever to innovate and build solutions to tackle your members’ pain points. Use our guide and learn how to leverage our industry research and insights, to get buy-in from your organization.

Disruption, your opportunity to build customer solutions