FGS is collaborating with University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management

FGS collaborates with Rotman School of Management to educate students on the new world of FinTech.
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FinTech, specifically PayTech, has drastically changed the Canadian financial sector and the way Canadians bank. PayTech has become the buzzword of the financial sector; with Financial Institutions trying to catch up so that they don’t fall behind. Today, Canadian academic institutions have added a number of courses to educate students on FinTech, how it is impacting the financial services industry, as well as other emerging trends. 

FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) is actively engaged in the FinTech ecosystem, and through our unique position in the market, we have a deep understanding of trends, technologies and opportunities within the space. It was this reason that the CEO and Founder of FGS, Sue Britton, was asked to be the guest lecturer for the Rotman School of Business The Business of Payments course at The University of Toronto. As a guest lecturer, Sue had the opportunity to share her experience and expertise with Rotman students, and spark a conversation about how the landscape is being disrupted, who are the key players, and what these challenges and opportunities mean for Canadians.

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