FGS joins Payments Canada’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

As part of SAC, FGS is collaborating with members across the FinTech ecosystem to provide input to enhance the Canadian payments infrastructure.
FGS logo in blue with the Payments Canada logo underneath
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As a part of The Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC), FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) helps to provide advice to the Payments Canada Board of Directors on payments, clearing, and settlement matters, and contributes input on proposed initiatives. Working and collaborating with members across the FinTech ecosystem, the SAC provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to represent their views, including consumers, businesses, retailers, and governments, as well as related service providers. 

As a member of the SAC, FGS is excited to have the opportunity to provide input on potential by-laws, policy statements, and rules that can affect consumers and Canadian businesses.

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