FGS launches FinTech Market Intelligence Platform Maple

FGS launched Maple to help accelerate partnerships, investments and create opportunities within the ecosystem.
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For over three years, FinTech Growth Syndicate (“FGS”) has been helping innovators create, test and validate new products in the market. We have helped large international corporations, visionary startups, trade associations, regulators and governments piece together the puzzle of the FinTech ecosystem. In each of our engagements, we focus on researching and solving for the customer pains, which we believe is the first step towards any innovation initiative. We found there was a lack of awareness on the Canadian FinTech ecosystem among incumbent organizations and decided to address this gap.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Maple, a Canadian FinTech market intelligence platform. Maple creates a much-needed stage for innovation between incumbents and startups to happen. It provides consolidated data insights on over 1,200 FinTech companies in Canada and across all verticals. We built this platform to help accelerate partnerships, investments and create opportunities within the ecosystem. 

What pains does Maple solve? 

Maple provides a self-service research tool to users to provide them with a 360-view of the Canadian FinTech players. This allows them to dive into who is in a particular marketplace and discover opportunities in Canada. We help you: 

  • Discover opportunities
  • Enable comparisons 
  • Inform partnerships
  • Accelerate innovation

Assisted Discovery

We help you answer the hard questions. Our FinTech experts are able to help you find why your market is being disrupted. We work with you to assess the players in the space and their current offerings. We help you with:

  • Trend reports
  • External influence analysis
  • Detailed SWOT
  • Strategic options + recommendations

In the past, we have helped our clients assess the players in the space, analyze offerings, trends, influences, and solutions to solve their problems.

While we continue to find new FinTechs, build our data sets and track investments, we want to build a community in our FinTech database. As a FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) innovation initiative, we will continue to collect feedback as we build, test and measure Maple. We have already started building based on our customers. Some things to look out for include: team functionality, additional comparison features, tailored news, UI improvements and more! 

Visit mapleecosystem.ca to find out how you can get involved.

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