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A future with Open Banking.

We talked to customers to understand what they would want out of their banks, should safe data sharing exist. We came up with a concept that allows users to integrate all of their financial data under one platform and move accounts through API channels.  How did we build it? User Research Customer Feedback Market Gap Analysis Product Strategy Design Prototypes 91% of Canadians across the country believe new technologies have made banking more convenient. What services can come to market

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The Future of Financial Services is Female

We have all heard the phrase ‘the future is female’, and for financial services, we at FGS couldn’t agree more! We are all at different stages in our career from coordinators to senior executives, but the one thing that has brought us together is our love for finance and FinTech! In honour of International Women’s Day, we reached out to our team and our partners in the ecosystem to ask: what does it mean to be a woman in financial services and to share any advice that they might have for future generations entering the field. Read on to hear the stories of some incredible women and men in financial services, and join us in celebrating women who are driving change forward.

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Life After Disruption: An Opportunity for Member-Centric Solutions

Are you a Credit Union in Canada? Your market is changing. Your members want solutions to their everyday problems: FX fees, ways to track spending, or the ability to lock their credit card without having to call their bank. As the market continues to be disrupted, the ability to understand the pain points of your members will increasingly become a differentiator. As new entrants begin to offer solutions, building member-centric solutions will soon separate the innovators from the problem solvers.

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Mark Reisler

FinTech Growth Syndicate is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Reisler as its Vice President, Innovation.

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