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FGS Snapshot into the Canadian FinTech Ecosystem.

How can having an innovation partner benefit you?

FinTechs are delivering innovative solutions to consumers that are convenient, frictionless and secure. Our FinTech experts are constantly monitoring the FinTech space to help companies find opportunities for growth. This report will provide your team with a market scan of the Canadian FinTech Ecosystem, as well as a deeper understanding of the data and trends that will impact your business. With the growing threat of new entrants, the ability to understand who you can partner with in the FinTech Ecosystem will allow your organization to build the disruptive solutions your customers need.

What is in the report?

What is FinTech? 

Over the past few years, FinTech has gained momentum within Canada and has transformed the financial services industry. Today, there are 995+ FinTech startups delivering innovative customer-centric solutions to Canadians. Learn more about the Canadian FinTech Ecosystem, its impact, as well as the future implications for FinTech in Canada.

A Snapshot of Disruption: Canada’s FinTech Ecosystem 

In this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Canadian FinTech Ecosystem. Find out who your competitors are partnering with, what FinTechs are offering your customers, and what your customers want. We will provide your team with the foundation to turn your disruption into an opportunity. 

Building Blocks for Partnering 

We’ll provide you with a checklist for finding the right innovation partner for you. Use our report to find FinTechs that match your organization’s risk tolerance, innovation mandate, and innovation goals. Understand how you can partner to build the solutions your customers need. 

Building a Business Case

The Canadian FinTech Ecosystem is a unique opportunity for your organization to build solutions that your customers want. Use our report to find out how your team can leverage our industry research and insights, to get buy-in from your organization.

Dark blue cover of the FGS FinTech Executive Summary Report