Innovation Partner For One Of Canada’s Largest Retail Giants

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Leveraging real-time data, agile technology, and disruptive business models, to deliver innovative products and services to our client’s customers.​

As customer expectations and needs continue to evolve, innovation has become synonymous with survival. The ability to deliver products and services that enhance the customer’s experience, whether it be through convenience or speed, has created the opportunity for companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Google, to become competitors beyond their native industries. As industries continue to be disrupted, the ability for a company to have a 360 view of disruption and how best to respond to it, will be critical for success.


Helping our client deliver the future of shopping today. Creating products and services focused on digital innovation.​

As the innovation partner for this company, FGS helped to create the right framework accelerate ideas, test innovation concepts with our client’s customers, and empower their team to drive innovation concepts from ideation to successful commercialization.


Digitizing the shopping experience.​

Together with FGS, our client looked for ways to serve their customers better. By engaging in FGS, our client began our agile innovation process; consisting of real-time market insights that provided our client with a 360 view of the market, testing innovation concepts with customers for desirability and viability, and helping to successfully deliver innovation concepts from ideation to commercialization. Through our agile innovation process, we helped our client deliver innovative products and services such as upgraded way-finding, creating a personalized shopping experience, as well as reinventing parking, transportation and payments for a more convenient experience.