Maria Daniela Yepes

Dani Yepes_FinTech Growth Syndicate
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Dani moved from Bogotá, Colombia to start her career in graphic design in Canada. After working several years in the field, she decided to pursue the Interdisciplinary Design Strategy masters program where she learned the value of collaboration, how to effectively use research methods, design thinking tools, and strategies. She believes that working at FGS has given her the opportunity to explore the world of FinTech and innovation, figure out new ways to use design as a tool to engage users, and effectively communicate content.

Q: What do you like about FGS the most so far?

A: The team is the BEST part of working at FGS! This is a group of extremely talented and knowledgeable people who have made me feel welcome since day one. It’s definitely a privilege to be able to work alongside them and be part of fun activities!

Q: What’s the best advice you were ever given?

A: Know the difference between what is nice to have and what is a must-have. I got this advice from one of my teachers. It’s a simple statement but it has helped me focus and prioritize, and shape the designer and person I aspire to be.

To find out more about what we do at FGS and the positions we are hiring for please visit our careers page.