Mark Reisler

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FinTech Growth Syndicate is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Reisler as its Vice President, Innovation. 

Mark brings to FGS over a decade of experience in digital strategy and program management. He has extensive industry expertise in building and executing global product marketing programs and designing multi-year digital bank transformations.

As an Assistant Vice President at one of Canada’s largest retailers, Mark redefined the relationship between digital banking and robust loyalty programs. By integrating financial modelling, systems investigation, and customer experience design, Mark built from the ground up a concept of banking calibrated towards rewarding literacy in a customer’s life stage. Mark also put his innovative mindset to work building prototypes for the future of warranties and retail insurance products in Canada.

Before his AVP role, Mark was a senior leader at a global innovation firm. There, his practice was focused on bringing one of the world’s largest insurers up to par in its ability to deliver higher customer value and shareholder returns.

At FGS, Mark will lead the Corporate Innovation Team. His leadership will extend to cutting edge research, UX/UI, and business modelling teams. He will use his industry knowledge to empower existing and future clients in building new products — ultimately leveraging our FinTech ecosystem expertise. 

FGS is an innovation advisory firm that combines research, strategy, and product innovation to quickly bring new products to the market. FGS specializes in providing innovative services for corporations looking to create new products. FGS works as an extension of organizations, enabling them to be agile, transform teams, develop digital products, and designing customer-centric solutions.

To learn more about our innovation practice please contact Mark at or LinkedIn.