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THE Disrupticons PODCAST


Sue Britton_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Sue Britton

Founder and CEO

Fruzan Nijrabi_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Fruzan Nijrabi

Marketing Manager

Kate Grant_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Kate Grant

Dir. FinTech Engagement

Ainsley Murray_FinTech Growth Syndicate

Ainsley Murray

Ext. Relations Manager

We define disruption one conversation at a time.

The Disrupticons is a weekly podcast highlighting the brightest minds in innovation,  financial services, and technology. Each episode is hosted by a circle of FGS leaders including Sue Britton and Kate Grant. The FGS host is joined by leaders in the industry where they discuss the top FinTech and innovation news in Canada, topics in financial technology and overall trends. 

Listen to the Disrupticons to keep up with disruption.

The Disrupticons highlights various topics including AI, blockchain, digital banking, FinTech partnerships, Open Banking and other topics that disrupt the industry. If you are a leader in a bank, FinTech, or just curious about the world of innovation in Canada, subscribe to our podcast or check out our episodes!

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