Redesigning the mortgage journey for an insurance incumbent

FGS What a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) should know about FinTechs_FinTech Growth Syndicate
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Partnering with the United States’ largest provider of mortgage and diversified services to build disruptive digital solutions.​

In partnership with the largest innovative provider of mortgage and loan-related services, FGS helped with direction on the design and implementation of multiple digital products, including further insight on market sizing, target market exploration and commercialization plans.


Creating products in response to changing market conditions in real estate, accelerated pace of technology change, and partnerships within the FinTech ecosystem.​

The market conditions are rapidly changing. Discovering pain points and solutions that could be of value to end-users and customers has to be done efficiently and at pace or ahead of the market. Creating disruptive solutions for a large organization, requires the launch of a separate entity that operates under the overall goal of the organization.


Designing and developing digital data solutions and defining the value proposition.​

Together with the client, FGS launched an external entity focused on offering innovative FinTech related services. We helped design and develop a portfolio of digital data solutions that reshape the mortgage and lending pace.


Innovative solutions ahead of the competition.

Collaboratively, we worked with the client and provided them with direction, feedback and support for the company’s digital innovation initiatives. As a result, a separate FinTech entity was launched to offer solutions the mortgage and loan market demanded.