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FGS Snapshot into the growth of new Canadian Challenger Banks.

How can defining your disruption benefit you?

Your market is changing, and so are your competitors. The ability to understand who your competitors are, how they are impacting your market and what they are offering your customers, is an essential part of defining your disruption. Today, Challenger Banks are the biggest threats to Canadian incumbents; offering convenient and frictionless digital solutions that solve customers’ financial pain points. As New Entrants begin to offer Canadians low to no fees and fast interactions, the ability to define disruption will allow your organization to identify opportunities to be a leader in your industry.

What is in the report?

What is a Challenger Bank? 

In Canada, the financial services space is changing. Today, Challenger Banks have allowed customers to have greater choice when it comes to their financial products and services. Learn more about the different kinds of Challenger Banks, and how they have made an impact in Canada.

A Snapshot of Disruption: Challenger Banks vs. Traditional Financial Institutions 

In this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of how your market is being disrupted by Challenger Banks. Find out what your customer’s pain points are, which Challenger Bank is offering solutions to solve them, and where the opportunity lies to be an industry leader. 

Defining Your Disruption 

We’ll cover and assess all types of Challenger Banks operating in Canada: Neobanks, Non Banks, New Banks, and Beta Banks. Develop a comprehensive understanding of who the different Challenger Banks are in Canada, what products and services they offer, and how they fit into your disruption. 

Building a Solution for Your Disruption

The ability to define your disruption, is an important first step in becoming a leader in your industry. With this report, you will learn how to develop effective solutions for your disruption.