What we do?

We help companies who realize the need for change, create solutions to get there.

We are re-shaping the future of finance.

We actively engage in the FinTech ecosystem to ensure we shape the financial industry towards a better future.

Our connections and unique position in the market give us first-hand insights to trends, technologies and opportunities shaping the Canada’s financial industry.


We analyze the forces that are driving the need for change.

We create growth strategies for our clients by looking at their external and internal forces, customer needs, and provide recommendations for products and solutions.

A sample of services that we have done for our clients have included:

  • Analyzing industry trends and insights
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market gaps
  • Business models
  • Analyzing new FinTech entrants


    We create actionable products and solutions.

    We have a proven process that enables our clients create internal alignment, criteria for testing ideas, distributing concept investments, and provides the ability to build products and services that aligns with their mandate.

    A sample of services that we have done for our clients have included:

  • User testing & validation
  • Journey mapping
  • Business model design
  • Product strategy
  • Concept development
  • Strategy sprints


    We position our clients
    for success.

    We support the growth and mandate of the organizations we work with. Together, we take action and bring ideas to life by tapping into new markets, new customers, and new opportunities.